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hi...long time :) have missed speaking with many of you here, and thanks for checking in to some of you!

all is well - i'm active online in many other places, where i get to talk to some of you :) but something about LJ just kind of fizzled for me, and i left, except to post in ne _fiber. i have been making art and yarn, teaching spinning, as usual. still offer some things for sale at my stoneleafmoon site and other places. maybe i will get back here, maybe not, but wanted to say hi while i'm in the mood! hellooo :) take care~
a few other places to find me and/or my work: i don't know, there's probably more, but say hi at any of those places, or here...stay warm :)
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here + there


haven't checked in on communities or friends in a bit. hope to do that next week...hope all's well in your worlds :)

was able to spend all of last week in tai chi classes and learning some tuina/chinese bodywork techniques. what a luxury! tai chi and qigong have been part of my life for about 15 years. i love what it's able to do for humans. i always think if everyone knew they would give it a try. basically, it lubricates our joints, allowing us to stay flexible and juicy. it keeps the energy flowing inside our bodies and fields and keeps our organs in place as we age. there is always more to learn within it. keeps our minds clear and strong, twists all of our tissues to keep them supple, allows the whole body to work as a pump, rather than just stressing the heart...good stuff.

i am planning to get to maryland sheep and wool fest on saturday/tomorrow, so will look for all of you who are likely suspects. let the wool huffing begin :)

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why is it that a cat who mostly seems to ignore you will come and sit right on the book you're reading?

lately, my brain just wants to learnlearnlearn. one question leads to 10 books which lead to 10 more. and fortunately, most are available at the library. good things will come from this!!!

and boston is springing into action with tons of good events all at once. circus freaks, great music, a play about the life of the buddha, natalie goldberg talking about her most recent book. she is so serene, so very present. fiber festivals on the horizon. all so deliciosa!!!

handspun cotton/

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ugly beauty

i was reading an article about a tribe of reindeer herders (contemporary). there was a description (by an outsider) that stuck with me. it was very cold...a woman from the tribe was sleeping on a dirt floor, and she pulled a stillborn reindeer that was in her hut into her bed with her to keep her warm. ugly beauty...that's how this batt + yarn were born.

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the steam baths around here = a lil bit of heaven on a cold winter day :) must remember to go more often...

some people seem not to be here anymore, so adieu to some friends~happy travels til we meet again! (if i've made a mistake and you feel like letting me know, please do.)

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my brain, that is :) never underestimate just how much brainmelt can occur when trying to move things from one computer to another. i am still in contact with my old teacher who taught me about websites and he sussed out the info that even he didn't know. so we both learned. grateful for all the many kindly folks in my life, including you guys!

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another guy hat

ha...have noticed all over flickr and elsewhere all the holiday present hats for our significant others. and me too!

i decided to design this yarn with areas of grey and black baby alpaca and have a few wilder areas so peter could have a warm + simple hat. he likes it :) it was fun, planning the yarn and envisioning what would come out where. i wanted to have all the elements in one yarn, rather than joining different ones. also, my first time working with circular needles - only took me 3 tries at getting the right size. i didn't realize that length matters!
handspun by linda scharf/